Stone/Terrazo Polishing

There is nothing that speaks to quality and durability like Stone Flooring! Now also with the popularity of Terrazzo returning, some of the most easily cared for floors that exist! Maintenance for these floors can be as simple as a dust mop, along with a micro fiber mop and plain water!

Clean Carpets

Stone Floors and Terrazzo are some of the most beautiful floors that can be installed with variations that will fit any application. As with all floors though, granted on these floors it can be quite some time, they do develop scratches, residue build up, and dulling of the finish and or shine. In the past there has been little alternative but a costly and messy polishing process to restore them or even covering them up with another type of flooring. As a result many beautiful floors have been lost.

I am pleased to say that now there is an alternative that has outstanding results at a substantial savings in cost. Using this newly developed technique I am able to restore many Stone or Terrazzo floors to an amazing finish, be it a hone finish for a natural look, or a high gloss finish that dazzles with either one lasting for years.


No harsh chemicals, no dust, no disruptive mess. A natural process that has outstanding results! So if you have a Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Terrazzo or even Concrete floor, and you would like it brought to a lasting, appealing finish, don’t hesitate to call and see how easily this can be done!


"My neighbor used your service and her white carpets looked brand new after the cleaning. You were very professional and courteous as well as thorough! I will recommend Magic Carpet to everyone." - Tina R./Palm Harbor, FL.


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